• Owe $50000 back taxes

    You Owe $50000 In Back Taxes and Cannot Pay? Here is What You Should Do

    You can settle for less, if you owe $50000 in back taxes.

    If you owe $50000 in back taxes and cannot pay, it is a stressful time. Before the panic sets in, take a breath and breathe. Our Los Angeles Tax Firm has 28 years of experience in working with the IRS. The IRS can put a lien or levy on your business, property or accounts. Let us work with you to navigate a way to a better solution.

    Don’t Ignore The IRS Notices.

    In many cases the penalties and interest can grow quickly. Ignoring them can cause more penalties and interest. This can quickly escalate into a major amount of money.  A serious consequence can be a lien on your house. If the problem continues and is not taken care of they can sell your house and take the money from there.

    They also can go after:

    • Real Estate Property
    • Retirement Accounts
    • Rental Income
    • Your Business’s Accounts Receivables
    • Dividends
    • Wage Garnishments
    • Licenses
    • Home
    • Vehicles
    • Bank Accounts
    • Property That Is Yours But Held By Someone Else

    Call Us Now We Can Help

    Speak to us now. We have the experience and tools to avoid any of the above actions. We have resolved many cases and many of the above situations by having the actions released. Giving you back the money you worked so hard for.

    Remember that a lien is where the government secures your property and other assets to make sure the taxes get paid. The IRS can also levy all of the same items. This is where they actually seize the property or asset and sell it. Needless to say this is not what you want.

    There are many programs that can help you with tax relief and we know how to qualify you for  these programs.

    Often we can get an Offer in Compromise and settle the the entire tax and penalty situation for as little as pennies on the dollar.

    So let the experienced team at Professional Tax Consultants help solve your problems.

    Give us a call at  818-772-5550 and we can start helping you right away.  Visit our website professionaltax.co to learn more about us.