• Tax Return

    Don’t Gamble On Your Tax Return

    Taxes are more complicated every year

    With close to 75,000 pages of tax codes, this year proves to be the most complicated tax return filings in history. While most individual taxpayers can use the filing software’s available, Many taxpayers and business just cannot take that chance.

    Unless you are up to date and experienced in filing with the IRS, it can be a land mine. You may miss deductions that can save you considerable money or you can miss a form that cost you thousands in extra taxes and penalties.

    File Your Tax Return – Professional Tax Consultants Can Help

    We service everyone from the individual taxpayer to medium and even large business. With our 28 years of experience we also guarantee to pay any penalty and interest caused by our mistakes.

    The government has a lot of tax incentive programs for companies. Varying from hiring and training certain type of employees to where your business is located. There is a tremendous amount of issues that need considered.

    We also can handle any IRS audits. Whether they are by mail, the office or your home, our team will be there by your side. Don’t forget the location of the audit may indicate the seriousness of the situation.

    We have in place a system that includes Human Resources capable of making sure you qualify for the hiring tax incentives but guides you through the paperwork. Let us be your Human Resources department handling all from hire to termination. All the time watching out for your company’s best interest.

    Professional Tax Consultants have been the leading Los Angeles Tax Firm for over 20 years. We will give you the best tax representation and help available. Give us a call at  818-772-5550 and we can start helping you right away.  Visit our website professionaltax.co to learn more about us.