What we do

Your Success Is Our Success

Located in the Los Angeles, Professional Tax Consultants is one of the most experienced service providers. The company provides complete and comprehensive service to small, medium and big clients.
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    IRS Audit Defense

    The IRS can audit a taxpayer/business in their office, by mail, offices or even home. The location of the audit may sometimes determine the seriousness of the situation.

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    Tax Payment & Filing

    Our tax processing services relieves your client of the worry and paperwork of tax calculations, preparation, depositing, reconciling, and filing of tax monies.

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    Employee Tax Credit Processing

    Our processing center allows participating companies to gain valuable Federal & State Tax Credits for employing and or training certain types of employees.

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    Tax Firm Los Angeles

    Our tax firm has been serving residents of Los Angeles, Orange County, Fresno and nearby locations. Give us a call to have your tax taken care of.

Why Choose us?

We also provide data to import straight to bookkeeping software. In return clients and their Accountants can spend their valuable time towards achieving more productive business results.

  • Experience

    With over 28 years of experience. We have represented many taxpayers’ payroll tax problems before the various tax authorities. 

  • Solutions

    We resolve all types of tax problems such as Tax Levies, Wage Garnishments, Reducing IRS Debt and all sorts of tax issues.

  • Planning

    Tax Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We plan from a tax perspective and we are efficient.

  • Professionalism

    We treat each client with dignity and respect. Our commitment with clients extend beyond tax resolutions and financial reporting.